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Voters’ Feelings: Then and Now

Earlier in the campaign, we reported on the emotions Ontario voters told us they were feeling about this provincial election. How voters feel is an important thing to measure during

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Exploring the Women’s Vote

Thinking of women as a singular voting block disregards the simple fact that women come from all parts of the province, all parties, all backgrounds, all income and education levels,

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Harnessing the Youth Vote

It’s no surprise: millennials are quickly emerging as a key demographic in Canada, especially when it comes to politics – by the time we reach the 2019 federal election, the

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Emotions Rule in the Voting Booth

“When will you release a fully-costed platform?” “How will this new campaign promise affect Ontario’s debt-to-GDP ratio?” “Why doesn’t that campaign ad comply with campaign finance regulation sub-section B-point-6 et

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What Issues Are Driving The Vote?

In every election campaign, there are made-for-media moments, barbs traded between party leaders and daily updates from the campaign trail. But when it comes down to actual Ontario voters, we

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