Authentic Doug Ford Tailor-Made for Social Media Success

One of the tried and true pieces of advice I give clients is to be authentic on social media. How you conduct yourself on social media is no different than real life: people can spot a fake and when they do it’s not a great look.

But more than that, a lack of transparency can easily harm your brand. A 2017 report found that authenticity was important to 86% of people when deciding what brands they support. The data also showed that 20% of consumers have unfollowed a brand on social media because they felt their content was inauthentic.

Politicians are no different. Voters turn away from elected leaders who act one way in public and then another way in private. In September of last year, former Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown took heat from all sides when he seems to say one thing about the province’s sex education curriculum in private than he did in public.

In 2018, a two-faced politician has nowhere to hide. In a world where everything is livestreamed and an offhand comment to a reporter is on Twitter within minutes, saying different things to different audiences is a dangerous game.

This is why the current leader of the Ontario PC Party, Doug Ford, is perfectly suited for such a landscape. As we have come to see since becoming leader in March of this year, “Doug is Doug.” Whether agree with him or not, he is transparent about his purpose. No hidden agendas here.

And that’s why it makes complete sense that the Ford campaign is pumping out as much content from the road as possible. There’s no need for slick editing and curated content – a raw Ford feed is even better. You don’t need to post the perfectly captured instance of him shaking hands with the crowd because he does it all day.

In a world where you are on camera every time someone points a mobile device at you, the authentic, accessible politician has a clear advantage. In fact, the more unedited video showing Doug Ford as an average guy connecting with regular people, the stronger his personal brand becomes.

More than maybe any leader in Canada, Doug Ford is tailor-made for the 24-hour, all-access environment of the Internet.

So the Ford campaign should keep the videos coming and encourage his supporters at every stop to do the same.
Doug Ford is for the people, which is perfect – because social media is powered by them.